Analytical Chemistry

Division Representative

Zhifeng Ding, The University of Western Ontario

Symposia and Organizers:

Analytical Chemistry/Applications of Nanomaterials - joint with IN, MT

Alex Brolo, University of Victoria
Russ Algar, University of British Columbia

Invited Speakers:
Stephan Link, Rice University, USA - (40 minute lecture)
Björn Reinhard, Boston University, USA - (40 minute lecture)

Denis Boudreau, Université Laval
Christa Brosseau, Saint Mary's University
Shana Kelley, University of Toronto
François Lagugné-Labarthet, The University of Western Ontario
Jean-François Masson, Université de Montréal
Mark McDermott, University of Alberta
Mike Serpe, University of Alberta
Shirley Tang, University of Waterloo

Analytical Chemistry in Industry

Nicole Heshka, Natural Resources Canada

Invited Speakers:

Analytical Tools for the Organic Chemist - joint with OR

Lekha Sleno, Université Québec à Montéal

Invited Speakers:
David Bryce,
University of Ottawa - (40 minute lecture)
Michael Katz, Memorial University of Newfoundland - (40 minute lecture)
Jeff Manthorpe, Carleton University - (40 minute lecture)
Scott McIndoe, University of Victoria - (40 minute lecture)

Analytical, Physical and Interfacial Electrochemistry in honour of Jacek Lipkowski - joint with MT, PTC, SS

Dan Bizzotto
, University of British Columbia
Christa Brosseau, Saint Mary's University
Aicheng Chen, University of Guelph

Invited Speakers:
Jacek Lipkowski, University of Guelph - (40 minute lecture)
Andrew Gewirth, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA - (40 minute lecture)
Janine Mauzeroll, McGill University - (40 minute lecture)
Takamasa Sagara, Nagasaki University, Japan - (40 minute lecture)

Analytical Platforms and Functional Materials (General Session)

Sam Mugo
, MacEwan University
Olena Zenkina, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Invited Speakers:
Russ Algar, University of British Columbia​
Tricia Carmichael, University of Windsor
Belinda Heyne, University of Calgary
Hans-Peter Loock, Queen's University
Janine Mauzeroll, McGill University
Michael Serpe, University of Alberta
William Skene, Universite de Montreal
Qiang Zhang, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, China

Bioanalytical Chemistry

John G. Marshall
, Ryerson University

Invited Speakers:

Canada-China Symposium in Analytical Chemistry

Zhifeng Ding
, The University of Western Ontario
Xiaoquan Lu, Tianjin University, China

Invited Speakers:

Metabolomics: Applications and Techniques

Paulina de la Mata
, University of Alberta
Dajana Vuckovic, Concordia University

Invited Speakers:

Smaller is Better: Emerging Applications of Microfluidics in Analytical Chemistry and Biology

Mohsen Akbari
, University of Victoria
Katherine Elvira, University of Victoria

Invited Speakers:

Teaching Analytical Chemistry - joint with CE

Russ AlgarUniversity of British Columbia
Denis Boudreau, Université de Laval
Charles Lucy, University of Alberta
Jean-Francois MassonUniversité de Montréal

Invited Speakers:
Industrial Panel Discussion:
Ludovic Live,
Affinité Instruments
François Beland, Silicycle Inc.
3rd Speaker TBD

Katherine Elvira, University of Victoria
Glen Loppnow, University of Alberta
Jean-François Masson, Université de Montréal
Scott McIndoe, University of Victoria
Juris Meija, National Research Council Canada
Tom Wenzel, Bates College, USA

Poster Session

Zhifeng Ding
, The University of Western Ontario